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Singapore has thought of an innovative way to increase food production as supply chains continue to be affected by the coronavirus – by transforming car park rooftops into farms.

Reuters reported the city-state is struggling to meet demand as it only produces a tenth of the food consumed.

Therefore, as many countries have gone into lockdown and are unable to ship food to Singapore, it is having to think of ways it can be more sustainable.

Authorities released a statement, saying: “The current Covid-19 situation underscores the importance of local food production, as part of Singapore’s strategies to ensure food security.”

It added: “Local food production mitigates our reliance on imports, and provides buffer in the event of food supply disruptions.”

Only one per cent of its 724 sq km of land is used for agriculture, due to the shortage of space available.

Therefore, the Food Agency is planning to launch a tender next month for rooftops on car parks. It is having to resort to urban farms because of Singapore’s lack of greenery.

If granted, it will receive a S$30 million (£16.69 million) to help it produce a range of food products, including leafy vegetables, eggs and fish.

Tesco is also looking to make food production more sustainable by joining up with WWF to assess how environmentally friendly some of the UK’s most popular produce is in terms of its packaging waste, deforestation implications and climate change bearing.

Its Sustainable Basket Metric aims to halve Tesco’s environmental impact of food by 2030.

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