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The application of electron beam welding in producing medical technology could be completely different in years to come, as tech is poised and ready to really revolutionise the healthcare sector. From robotics with the ability to perform the most precise surgeries to quick diagnostic systems, the future of medicine is an exciting space for technology.

However, the future of medical care may also involve more apps, if incoming health secretary Matt Hancock has anything to do with it. Taking over from Jeremy Hunt just this month, he told BBC’s Newsbeat that there was ‘loads to do’ when it came to the NHS adopting new technology such as apps.

Matt Hancock launched his own app in his previous role as an MP and Culture Secretary, so that he could better communicate with his constituents, however, it came under fire for some privacy flaws. He described getting the government to engage with new digital technology as a personal passion.

His comments also were not well received by opposition politicians and frontline NHS staff, who criticised funding issues which meant that current technology, such as computer desktops, don’t work properly and need upgrading.

Labour critics said that proper funding needs to be in place to make new technology, such as apps, fair and accessible by everyone: "The Conservative government has made big cuts to some NHS budgets like capital funding, which has meant the NHS just hasn't been able to take advantage of new technologies."

Matt Hancock was speaking at the launch of a new scheme looking to place hundreds of newly trained mental health staff around schools and colleges in the UK.