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Vacuum heat treatment is essential to any medical environment for many reasons, not least in order to promote healing.

One recent discovery has shown how bandages could be used directly on broken bones to promote their healing. They have been shown to promote bone healing in mice and this could have implications for humans.

The bandage works by trapping pro-healing adenosine near the site of the break, which speeds up the healing of the bone tissue.

"Adenosine is ubiquitous throughout the body in low levels and performs many important functions that have nothing to do with bone healing," Varghese said. "To avoid unwanted side effects, we had to find a way to keep the adenosine localized to the damaged tissue and at appropriate levels."

The team had decided to focus on adenosine when they noticed that it accumulated around broken bones in high concentration, suggesting that it would play a role in bone healing. The research they have done proves that it could and demonstrates a way this healing effect could be harnessed.

The biomaterial bandage that was used in the research contains boronate molecules that are attracted to the adenosine. These bonds eventually break down which allows the release of adenosine into the broken bone site without it leaking elsewhere.

The mice in the study were checked after one week and three weeks after being treated with the bandage. The research showed that healing was present after three weeks. The research also showed that the bandages worked whether they harnessed naturally produced adenosine or artificial adenosine.