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The Kraken project, which is located approximately 80 miles off the coast of Shetland in Scotland, has delivered its first oil this month.

Operator EnQuest confirmed that it had delivered the first oil from the project on 23 June in the first phase of production on the site.

So far 13 wells have been drilled, seven of which are producers and six of which are injectors. The company explained that it would be bringing these on stream in a phased process to help maximise the field’s production during its lifetime.

Richard Hall, head of major projects at EnQuest, revealed that the first oil from Kraken was delivered under budget, which he described as a “great testament” to the company’s abilities. “I am extremely proud of the EnQuest Kraken team for their dedication, vision and sheer hard work,” he added.

Drill centres one and two are now fully complete and work is continuing on drill centre three. The aim is to continue to increase production capacity through to 2018.

Chief executive of the UK Oil & Gas Authority Dr Andy Samuel said that the Kraken field “has the potential to open up additional heavy oil opportunities in the Northern North Sea”. Others in the industry are no doubt going to be watching future developments with interest.

Earlier this month, the BBC reported on the Oil and Gas Technology Centre, a not-for-profit organisation that is set to invest £1.6 million in oil and gas projects in the North Sea. So far the three projects selected for funding are aimed at reducing the cost of maintaining and inspecting offshore infrastructure.

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