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With Brexit fast approaching, the UK government has announced a number of initiatives designed to support the country’s industry and technology firms. One of the latest is new funding to help develop next-generation aircraft engines.

Bdaily reported on the £24 million that has been announced under the Industrial Strategy, which will be spent across four research and development (R&D) projects in the coming months.

The aim of these projects is to bring academia and business together to create innovative solutions to engineering problems - in this instance making aircraft engines more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Rolls-Royce will be jointly funding the projects, which comes after its announcement that it intends to invest £150 million in doubling its engine production in the UK.

Greg Clark, business secretary, commented: “These pioneering Rolls-Royce projects will ensure it is the UK that leads the world in developing the next generation of cleaner jet engine technologies.”

He noted that it’s fitting for the country to be at the forefront of this sector given its history in aerospace engineering and the fact that the first turbojet engine was developed here.

The projects are worth a combined £58.3 million, according to the news provider, and their main aim is to design an engine that improves fuel efficiency by 25 per cent.

Despite the focus on developing innovative new aerospace technologies, there are concerns that the sector could face problems following Brexit. Reuters recently highlighted the findings of a committee of lawmakers in the UK, who stated that exiting the EU without a free trade deal could result in £1.5 billion in extra costs for firms in the UK.

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