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Claims that it would be impossible for Formula One racing teams to control their costs have been dismissed by one team principal.

Speaking to, Franz Tost, team principal at Toro Rosso, described such claims as “nonsense”, explaining that he knows exactly how much each screw costs his team.

He was responding to comments by the likes of Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne, who has previously said that he doesn’t believe spending caps will work within F1.

However, Tost is in favour of limits being imposed on the motorsport, and believes that in the long run, manufacturers will also support this decision.

“We need to reduce the costs. It shouldn’t be that team spends 450 million euros a year. On the other hand, we bargain for a few cents when it comes to road cars,” he stated.

Tost also said that, despite protestations from some, if the FIA imposed financial penalties on teams that didn’t report their spending accurately, or that overspent on the allocated amount, that they would all soon fall into line.

Meanwhile, McLaren’s racing director Eric Boullier told Autosport that the team’s Honda engines need further development, and claimed that McLaren would have won races this season if it had had the best engine available.

However, he explained that engine development has to go hand in hand with improvements made to the chassis of the car, because everything in the design is connected.

Boullier added that these improvements cannot be made in a matter of months, it’s a long process that is likely to take a few years.

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