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Electron beam technology could be at the forefront of plans to introduce high-speed 5G wireless data coverage, producing speeds of up to 100 gb per second.

A European project, led by a team of UK engineers, is exploring how exploiting the millimetre wave spectrum could provide a cost-effective, efficient means of accessing data through 5G wireless networks.

Wireless devices, which already use more data that desktop computers and the like, are set to eat up even more data with the advancement of 4k video streaming and other services. Increasing the amount of available wireless data would involve laying grids of micro, nano and pico cells in urban areas to serve a small number of users, which could be expensive and difficult to execute.

Professor Claudio Paoloni at Lancaster University said that existing base stations are fed data via fibres, “but if the number of cells were to increase substantially, the fibre would be very difficult and expensive to install”.

The professor, who is heading the €2.9 million (£2.56 million) ULTRAWAVE project, is developing a system based on a millimetre wave travelling wave tube that transmits data wirelessly. An electron beam is sent along the long vacuum tube, along with the millimetre wave signal. The mass of electrons then loses kinetic energy and transfers it to the signal, commented the professor.

“As a result, the signal increases in power to a level that is impossible with any other technique,” he added.

The project was presented to the public earlier this month at Lancaster University’s Kickoff Workshop and is expected to run until 2020.

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