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DeLorean is a name that’s become synonymous with futuristic-looking cars and, of course, the infamous flying, time-travelling vehicle in the Back to the Future trilogy.

It therefore seems only natural that Paul DeLorean, nephew of John DeLorean, who founded the automaker that produced the car featured in the movies, is working on a flying car concept of his own through his company DeLorean Aerospace.

Speaking recently to Wired, he revealed that his firm is making progress with its design for a flying car.

“We are moving forward on a full-size, piloted prototype which will carry two passengers and is designed to operate, fully electric, for a range of 120 miles,” Mr DeLorean stated.

The car itself will have two seats and be a vertical takeoff vehicle, with the ultimate aim to make this car self-flying so that anyone can use it.

At almost 20 feet long and 18.5 feet wide, it’s far larger than a standard road car, but there are clever design features to make it a little more manageable when it comes to storage. For instance, the wings can fold into tuck against the sides of the car to allow it to fit into a large garage.

The biggest headline from the DeLorean specs though is the range. Companies such as Neva Aviation and Airbus, who are both developing flying cars of their own, are aiming for much shorter ranges with their vehicles - 25 and 50 miles respectively.

Far from being a sci-fi dream, flying cars are getting ever closer to being a reality and this area of development is a growing sector within the aerospace industry.

Wards Auto recently reported that at least ten companies are expected to launch flying cars within the next five years, with some businesses already taking pre-orders for their flying vehicles.

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