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Equinor has announced that there has been a further delay to its Mariner oil project in the North Sea.

The Norwegian oil firm revealed that it is now not expecting to start producing oil through its flagship project until the second half of this year, having initially expected to start production towards the end of 2018.

Energy Voice explained that the reason for the delay was due to problems with the electrical equipment aboard the platform, which was built specifically for the project.

Vice president of projects at the firm Morten Ruth told the news provider that a “high failure rate” was uncovered in the platform’s electrical couplings during testing last year. To ensure there are no safety issues, the company is testing all 40,000 electrical couplings on the rig.

This process began in January, with Mr Ruth noting that they are now over halfway through the task.

He declined to offer any suggestions as to what had caused the problems, saying only that the company was involved in discussions with suppliers and contractors about where the liability lies.

“The important thing now is to show we have control of this issue. We need it under proper control before we start up,” Mr Ruth asserted.

The North Sea field, which is located to the east of Shetland, is predicted to produce 300 million barrels of oil when it comes online.

Petroleum Economist recently reported that oil firms are being urged to look again at areas in the North Sea that were previously dismissed as not holding oil reserves after new analysis of seismic data indicated there could be undiscovered reserves in these areas.

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