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The Food and Drink Sector Council (FDSC) has launched a COVID-19 Recovery Plan for the industry, after the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the strength and fragility of the food chain.

A report from the FDSC stated that the COVID-19 lockdown saw the UK food system face its biggest challenge since 1945—“to keep the nation fed.”

It highlighted a number of areas of significant economic impact in varying ways. Panic buying sparked by the pandemic prompted some food manufacturers to boost production by up to 50%. Many retailers, farmers and other producers also increased sales—while the hospitality industry saw “sales evaporate” as a result of social distancing rules and regulations.

Terry Jones, industry co-chair of the FDSC and Director General of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) spoke on the matter, saying how the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the strength of the UK food chain, and how well industry and government can work together—but that COVID-19 also laid bare the fragility of our food system:

“This report clearly outlines what needs to be done to ensure the entire sector can restart successfully and build a greener, healthier system for all.”

Overall, the report builds on the positive response to changing consumer demands during this extremely challenging time, commending the ways in which businesses and people came together to ensure food supplies were maintained, shelves stacked, and the most vulnerable people protected.

However, its key message is to look at the lessons we can learn from the coronavirus outbreak to make the food system more resilient in the future.

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The International Space Station (ISS) is going to be visible in the skies above the UK from now until the start of August, allowing us three weeks to see a real spaceship, carrying its astronaut crew.

But that’s not all we will be able to see. Comet Neowise will also be visible to the naked eye until the end of July, as it races towards its closest approach to Earth - a mere 64 million miles away (That’s 260 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon).

Even at these vast distances, there have been many reports of it being spotted on clear nights recently. If we get a break from the cloudy weather for some clear nights, look out for it low in the northern sky about an hour after sunset.

There will also be planets visible at the same time, giving us all a proper tour of the solar system. Jupiter and Saturn should be visible in a clear sky all night.

However, if it is the International Space Station you’re holding out for, then you might have to be prepared for some late nights or some early mornings. To get an up to date schedule for what time daily you can see the ISS pass overhead, MeteorWatch has a guide for you.

You might need to allow ten minutes either side of the scheduled appearance, as the ISS might need to make orbital adjustments, which will affect the time it passes overhead.

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